MARVEL’S MIDNIGHT SUNS Launch Trailer Revealed

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Marvel Entertainment, 2K, and Firaxis Games will finally give us the Christmas present tomorrow, December 2nd. But first, earlier this week we got the final prequel short, Nico TV, and right after it, the official launch trailer for Midnight Suns.

Nico Minoru, a young witch, and wielder of the famed Staff of One tries to befriend the rest of her fellow superheroes on the Midnight Suns team. Despite her punk-goth aesthetic Nico is a happy soul who wants to be friends. Nico does her best and quickly becomes the joyful heart and soul of the team. With this being the final prequel short we are now ready for the official launch trailer.

With Midnight Suns releasing tomorrow, they revealed the official launch trailer early! The action-packed trailer shows the devastating effects of Lilith’s successful takeover of the Sanctum Santorum, an event that unleashes the forces of the underworld to run rampant on Earth. The only forces that can stop these terrible foes are the Hunter and the Midnight Suns.

The launch trailer also revealed the 13th and final playable character in the base game, the Incredible HULK! As always, Hulk will be a tanky powerhouse and will be available to be unlocked as a team member later in the game. Despite how amazing yet weird it is to have Mr. Science Gama Radiation Hulk in a game about the magic side of Marvel, those keywords ‘base game’ brings trepidation to my heart. Much like many other similar games. Firaxis and 2K are old hats at releasing new characters in numerous DLC but they, as of yet, haven’t stooped to micro-transactions, so we can only hope.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be available for pre-order today and will release globally on December 2nd for Windows PC via Steam and Epic Games, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. Launch timing for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game will be shared later.

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