Marvel’s WOLVERINE Video Game Trailer From Insomniac Games

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Marvel's WOLVERINE Video Game

The video game developer Insomniac Games, which is a developer behind Marvel’s Spider-Man video game, has just unleashed the first teaser trailer for its new Wolverine video game!

The teaser doesn’t reveal much, but it’s plenty to get Wolverine fans thrilled about what the game will offer! No faces are revealed, we just see Logan sitting in a bar that has been ripped up. He’s is sitting at the bar when a character walks in the door, and Logan prepares to slaughter him when his adamantium claws slash out of his hands.

Brian Horton is the creative director and Cameron Christian will be the game director. Insomniac shared that the game will “not only respect the DNA of what makes the character so famous but also look for possibilities to make it feel fresh and truly show the Insomniac spirit.”

The game is “very early in development” and it will be a PS5 exclusive. No release date revealed yet.

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