Matrix Carbon Fiber And Titanium Wallet

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Matrix Carbon Fiber And Titanium Wallet

The Matrix wallet has been CNC machined from aerospace grade titanium and carbon fibre and provides a lightweight carrying option for users that are looking for a minimalist wallet.

Matrix Carbon Fiber And Titanium Wallet

Watch the video below to learn more about the unique design of the Matrix.Its creator Jens Anso based in Denmark explains a little more :

“I worked long and hard to come up with the first version of the Matrix and I produced 50 of these in my own shop about a year ago.  The first version sold out almost instantly and the positive feedback I got was overwhelming.  

It was obvious that I had created a product with a big potential and I continued to refine the design. I have been testing various proto types and materials for the past year and the result is what you see here.  A cool high tech and light weight construction made from aero space materials. 

I have chosen to work with complex materials like titanium and carbon fiber CNC machined to very high tolerances.The Matrix holds up to 6 credit cards by using an integrated titanium spring.“



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