McDonald’s Is Selling 50¢ Double Cheeseburgers Today And Tomorrow, Here’s How To Get One

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McDonald’s Double Cheeseburgers

McDonald’s is getting back its 50¢ Double Cheeseburger deal for today and tomorrow (December 22-23) as part of its SZN of Sharing meal deals. Considering we’ve all been tearing our hair out and picking out gifts for our loved ones this holiday season, we could use the cheap meal. To get your 50¢ Double Cheeseburger, simply login to the McDonald’s app, check the “Deals” section, and place a mobile order for pickup. The deal is useful just once time per day unless you have numerous phones in which case, go nuts!

The SZN of Sharing has consisted of a month’s worth of McDonald’s food and merch deals which are accessible exclusively through the McDonald’s app that also allows you to enter a contest once a day for the chance to win a coveted McGold Card.

Winners who score the McGold Card will get free McDonald’s for life. There will only be three McGold card winners, but each winner will take on a total of four cards which you can dole out however you see fit. That’s power. You can join to win the McGold Card once a day until December 25th every time you make a mobile order. Your chances of winning a McGold Card are incredibly slim but for the next two days you’ll be dining on 50¢ Double Cheeseburgers, so it’s not a complete loss.

And who knows, maybe you will win that shiny McGold Card and never have to pay for McDonald’s again for the rest of your life.

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