Mech Shooter GALAHAD 3093 Released New Trailer and Open Beta

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The upcoming GALAHAD 3093 looks amazing as shown in the newly launched trailer from DreamHack. Check out the trailer below, the game looks solid and it will be a lot of fun when it will be released.

Check out the full press release:

Pilots can look forward to trying out new weapons, deployables, and upgrade modules as they vie for supremacy. This extended open beta features five total maps, including two brand new arenas for high-flying mech action:

  • The Rig: This group of loosely connected deep-sea drilling platforms reward the brave, and punish the reckless. With no dry land in sight, this 3 base map offers a crushing, watery end for Lance pilots with poor aerial skills. Jump jet control modules help mightily on this isolated ocean battleground.

  • The Pit: Experience the highs and lows of battle in this vertical mineshaft of a map.  You’ll need to make clever use of your jump jets and teleporters to keep both of the two bases secure. With both bases located near the middle, and team spawn points at the top and bottom of the map, the race is on to gain control of the full depths of The Pit.

As part of the beta, Simutronics will hold a tournament from Thursday, July 29 through Saturday, July 31. The “Win David’s Lunchbox Tournament” includes a prize from Simutronics CEO David Whatley’s personal lunchbox, with a mystery gift inside. The GALAHAD 3093 player who records the highest single-match score during this time will be crowned the winner.  Runners up will also receive a congratulatory certificate signed by the GALAHAD development team.

In the sci-fi future world of GALAHAD 3093, Knights – mech operators inspired by Arthurian legend – fight for glory in 32-player arenas. They pilot Lances – mechs capable of massive destruction – in a never-ending battle to capture and hold territory.

Lances are highly customizable: classes range from Light to Super Heavy and can be outfitted with a wide variety of weapons, deployable systems, and tech modules. Knights are the heroes who provide unique active and passive abilities, ranging from aerial bombardments to drop shields, further customizing your loadout. With thousands of potential build permutations, GALAHAD 3093 lets players create a wide variety of unique builds to fit any playstyle.

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