Meet The 8 Richest Professional Video Game Players

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The highest paid athlete in the world is boxer Floyd Mayweather. His earnings, with no endorsements, total some $105 million dollars. Footballer Christiano Ronaldo comes in second, with around $80 million a year and all this money for something you absolutely love and pretty good at it anyways, It can hardly be considered a “job” at all but such athletes are multi millionaires with multi million dollar properties and bling machines.

And gamers are not far behind, A bespectacled World of Warcraft player’s bank account is never going to look the same as LeBron James’ ($72.3 million), is it now? I bet your parents probably said this exact sentence to you only yesterday. but this is not the whole truth, gaming is becoming big and prize moneys are ever larger these days.

Like any pro sportsman, if you’re really, really good at winning, you can rise to the top – And then, once you’re there, you can start makin’ money and even minting in some cases. So, by way of comparison, here are the eight highest game-playing earners from around the world and they all include in the elite gaming club.

It should be noted that these figures are based on prize money alone, and do not take into account the extra income from sponsorship and promotions. Some even charge you to watch their practice games on Twitch. You can add more thousands on top of all that.


8) Lee Young Ho – South Korea


AKA: KT FlaSh    Total earnings: $449,516

FlaSh’s game of choice is StarCraft: Brood War. To the point where people who want a career in StarCraft move to Korea in the same way that people who want a career in acting move to Hollywood. It’s gotten to the point where the Korean Air Force started up a team so the young pros didn’t have to stop playing when they got called up for their compulsory military service.

But FlaSh already lives in South Korea. And he’s probably done his time in the force. And he’s definitely pretty good, taking home just shy of $10,000 per tournament. Half of his total earnings were won before his 18th birthday.

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