Meet MagicJet A 600w Electric Modular Sea Scooter

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Divers and underwater explorers searching for a way to conserve energy while scuba-diving, may be happy to know more about this new modular underwater propulsion system called the MagicJet. It is known to be as the world’s first water scooter the MagicJet is equipped with a 600w engine and a rechargeable electric battery that is capable of providing up to 100 minutes of operations underwater.

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The modular design of the MagicJet allows you to connect two together to drive yourself even faster through the depths. Watch the demo video below to learn more about the sea scooter which is now available to back via Kickstarter with Earlybird pledges available from $299.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful and boosts the required funds needed to make the jump into making worldwide shipping is expected to take place during August 2019. Features of the MagicJet added mounting for up to 3 GoPro action camera is a 155.4 wh rechargeable battery and a propulsion system capable of speeds of 1.8 m/s or 4 mph under the waves.

“After the success of Nemo Underwater Drone, now we come back with MagicJet – Truly Powerful & Portable 2-in-1 underwater scooter with intuitive modular design and convenient GoPro mount can trust up to 10 kilogram-force, run 100 minutes with 155.4 Wh battery in 2 speed settings, and 164 ft depth exploration to propel you smoothly underwater. Matching your diving style with an intuitive modular style built for efficiency and fun. The innovative design brings you more flexibility to control it in 3 unique ways. Diving by one hand to enjoy more freedom, using two hands on the handle to enable more stable positioning, or combine two units together for faster speed and extraordinary excitement.“


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