Meet Sam, A Ubisoft Virtual Assistant For Gamers

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After Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana. Now, the gaming community will soon be able to use the services of a virtual assistant, which is specially built for the gamers, in the form of Ubisoft’s Sam.

Sam, which will be accessed via the company’s Ubisoft Club mobile app, it will have the ability to answer basic Ubisoft games related queries through text or voice, Ubisoft’s very own virtual assistant will share data regarding various Ubisoft games and can answer questions and inquiries related to those games. Players can ask Sam for Far Cry’s release date, or watch trailers of several Ubisoft games.

Sam can also give players a summary of player stats, including hours of play, and you can even ask Sam on what games your friends are playing right now. Sam also helps you by notifying you once a friend has accepted your game invitation to play.

Sam is committed to helping you improve your performance in the game. In an example given by Ubisoft, if you’re an avid Rainbow Six Siege player, Sam will examine your in-game performance and will suggest many tips, and most exciting of all, it can recommend helpful content like YouTube videos to make you even better at gaming.

Sam is now available in beta for iOS and Android devices n Canada. This first public test points to gauge the app’s efficiency and responsiveness, and will also give Ubisoft the chance to promote Sam’s ties with your Ubisoft Club account, most especially the Daily Login option, which will be compiled to you by Sam once you log into the app, what you think of this assistant as the gamer? is this exciting for you, will you use it?



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