Meet Small And Cute Citroen My Ami Cargo EV

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Citroen My Ami Cargo EV

Citroen has announced and revealed a new electric car for Europe that is created for delivery services, professionals, craftsmen, and anyone else who needs a vehicle fit for carrying cargo. The vehicle is called the My Ami Cargo and it’s very small on the outside it still comes with 260 liters of storage space and can haul 140 kilograms.

The notable amount of storage space is because of the passenger seat being removed and a modular protected box being placed in its place. The driver is isolated from the cargo area and the floor can be fixed in two levels. The entire loading volume is over 400 liters.

The electric vehicle is able to charge from a normal wall outlet in three hours. It features a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery with a driving range of 75 kilometers per charge. The engine provides 6kW of power and can push the vehicle to a top speed of 45 km/h. The dimensions of the cars are 2.41 meters long, 1.39 meters wide, and 1.52 meters high. My Ami Cargo also possesses a very tight turning diameter of 7.20 meters making driving and parking anywhere in the city is fairly easy.


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