Meet The Ultra Compact Portable Chair For Your Outdoor Needs

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Go Chair

If you are looking for an ultracompact chair for your outdoor adventures then look no further, we have something perfect for you. Which can be easily transported in your backpack or bag you may be interested in the aptly named Go Chair which is launched via Indiegogo and already raised over $330,000 thanks to over 2600 backers.

Watch the demonstration video below to know more about the new project.

“unparalleled design for instant comfort. Compact and portable seating for adventurers, nature lovers and more. Master the art of relaxing anywhere”.

GO Chair Ultra Compact Portable Chair

Features of the Go Chair include :

– Unfolds instantly from the size of a water bottle
– Comfortable & stable seating at 10 inches off the ground
– Supports up to 300 pounds
– Pack easily and take anywhere at 3 lbs
– Weather, water and kids proof

“Easiest set up. Comfort and convenience when out and about. From concerts to camping, barbecues on the beach, now you can always have a sturdy chair when you need it.”


Pledges for the Go Chair start from $69 and worldwide shipping is expected to start during December 2018 in January 2019 depending on your pledge option. Click the link below for more information.


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