Meet The World’s First Thermal Monocular

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Thermal Monocular

TNV10 has made the world’s first thermal monocular which comes with a rangefinder and IP 65 rating, enabling the users to use it in temperatures from -22 to 140°F. The small compact thermal monocular launched via Kickstarter and has already raised twice its needed pledge goal with still 49 days remaining.

Fitted with a rechargeable battery and comes with an infrared resolution of 256 x 192 pixels the monocular delivers users with five different color pallets and includes video output. Backer early bird pledges are now available for the project for around $699.

“Need a crystal clear view? You can connect TNV10 to a 4.5-inch HD screen which has specific unit for digital signal processing and professional LED display, with advantages of High Brightness, Low Power Consumption and High Stability. It supports 4K AV/HDMI input/output, stereo audio output (via earphone), and it is suitable for various scenarios with compact size, easy operation, ultimate portability and high compatibility.”

If the TNV10 crowdfunding campaign successfully raises its needed pledge goal, worldwide shipping is expected to take place around July 2022. To know more about the TNV10 thermal monocular project watch the video below.

”TNV10 can be connected to an external laser distance finder for higher accuracy. Once you connect the devices press the “zoom in” key for 1 second and the display will show you the distance from the targeted objects. This way you can position your targets more precisely. Advanced features include focus assist, image flip, histogram, center marker, safe frame, monochrome display, image freeze, etc, which make it an ideal portable and lightweight framing companion monitor for long-time watching without tiring the eyes.”

“NV10 features type-c, HDMI, and TF card slot for maximum efficiency. Type-c port: charging, connecting to a power bank, power cable or a laser rangefinder. Mini HDMI: connecting to display for real-time monitoring. TF card: storing photos; supports up to 32GB.TNV10 also has three screw holes for DIY connecting to rail of rifles, however, it is not capable of being a scope.“

Source: Kickstarter

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