Mercedes-Maybach’s New Concept

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Mercedes-Maybach’s New Concept

Check out the all awesome concept from Mercedes-Maybach.

It’s still in very early stage, other than to say it’s nearly six metres long (as long as an extended wheelbase RR Phantom), and will enjoy a worldwide premiere at Pebble Beach next week.

What we can speculate on though, is the level of sheer opulence and luxury contained with the Maybach coupe’s vast flanks. If the S600L is anything to go by, this thing will be ludicrously comfortable, quiet and packing space-age technology and connectivity.

It’ll no doubt be quite heavy, but could feature 6.0-litre, bi-turbo 523bhp V12 – more than enough to whisk you to 62mph in around five seconds. Perhaps, considering the concept’s sportier roofline, even faster.


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