Meta Launches VR Subscription Service Called Quest+

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In the midst of Apple’s Vision Pro posing a significant threat to the virtual reality market, Meta is strategically devising ways to entice users and retain them within its VR ecosystem.

To that end, on Monday, Meta made a noteworthy announcement regarding the introduction of Meta Quest+. This VR subscription service comes at a cost of $7.99 per month. Alternatively, users have the option to opt for an annual subscription priced at $59.99. As an added incentive, if users sign up before July 31, they can enjoy the first month for just $1.

The functionality of Meta Quest+ is quite simple. At the beginning of each month, subscribers gain access to two meticulously selected VR titles. These titles remain in their collection as long as they remain subscribed to Quest+, thereby enabling their collection to grow steadily over time.

To kick things off, Meta has decided to launch with the inclusion of the Pistol Whip FPS game and the Pixel Ripped 1995 retro adventure game. Looking ahead to August, Meta plans to offer Walkabout Mini Golf alongside the Mothergunship:Forge shooter.

Meta claims that the subscription provides users with a monthly value of “up to $60,” in addition to the convenience of a curated experience. The allure of a subscription-based model has been steadily gaining popularity among major players in the IT industry. Notable examples include Apple’s gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade, Twitter’s aggressively marketed Twitter Blue, and Meta’s very own Meta Verified—an exclusive subscription service for Facebook and Instagram. While Apple’s Vision Pro is slated for release early next year and comes with a significantly higher price tag than Meta’s Quest headsets, Meta is likely aiming to secure as many customers as possible before Apple’s VR endeavors pose a direct competitive threat.

By constantly innovating and offering enticing subscription options, Meta seeks to establish a firm foothold in the VR market and solidify its position as a leading player in the industry.

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