Metal Slug 3 Will Launch on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

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Metal Slug 3

The launch of Metal Slug 3 has been announced, That means that this title can be played on the Sony PS4, the previous generation Sony PS3, and the handheld PS Vita. Metal Slug 3 is supposed to be the best of 2D run and gun action.

Metal Slug was first introduced in 2000 by SNK on the NEOGEO game console. This would be its 15th anniversary this year. Metal Slug 3 ended up being one of the most highly-praised installments in the series by Metal Slug fans everywhere. So fans have been waiting for the game to hit these platforms.

Code Mystics and SCEA Third Party Productions worked together to deliver a high-quality version of the original NEOGEO game. It also includes Trophy support and online multiplayer as well as cross save functionality and a cross play feature.

The game will retail for $14.99 for a limited time only as a three-way cross buy game throughout the Spring Fever campaign. PS Plus members can get an additional 10% discount.


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