Microsoft 3D Printed Yo-yo Collection is Free For All

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Microsoft 3D Printed Yo-yo Collection

Microsoft made available a collection of 3D printed yo-yos that can be downloaded and created using almost any 3D printer.

The Microsoft yo-yo collection includes four different varieties depending on your yo-yoing skills and requirements and is available to download from the Thingiverse website.

The designs have been constructed to be 3D printed on virtually any filament-based 3D printer and all the designs are made of three separate pieces that can be easily assembled and connected to a yo-yo string.

The 3D Print website explains :

“While we have not printed one of these ourselves yet, 3D printers are usually fairly accurate, so there should be no balance issues when printing them. We would suggest that you use a rather dense infill when printing any of these yo-yos, so that they have a decent weight to them. You may wish to experiment with the infill amount to see which density creates the best working toy.”

For more information on the new 3D Printed yo-yo collection created by Microsoft jump over to the Thingyverse website for details via the link below.


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