Microsoft Already Running Xbox One Scorpio Working Units With Running Games

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Xbox One Scorpio

Microsoft has early versions of the Xbox One Scorpio up and running, according to a post from Microsoft gaming boss Phil Spencer on social media. The new system will launch during this year’s holiday season, and it will enable games to run at a 4K resolution for UHD television displays and Microsoft is already testing it out internally right now.

In his tweet, Spencer explained that this was the first time he played games on actual Xbox One Scorpio hardware. This means Microsoft engineers have at least finished preliminary work to lay out how the components of the system will fit into the final retail Scorpio. Microsoft has likely also established a design for the system’s exterior appearance, which I am very excited to see.

Microsoft will continue testing the device and finalizing its design, but Spencer also revealed that it will use the remaining months to give developers time to optimize their software for a more powerful Xbox.


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