Microsoft And Nintendo Calls On Sony With New Crossplay Advert

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Microsoft And Nintendo

After Sony’s decision not to support Fortnite crossplay for accounts that started with the PlayStation, and players would like to enter the same account from the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo and Microsoft have teamed up to remind gamers that their platforms work flawlessly together allowing Minecraft crossplay.

Sony had previously highlighted logistical problems and the safety of its user base as reasons why it had locked Fornite accounts to its platform. Disabling the ability for Fortnite players to resume playing their characters on the Nintendo Switch. However, it was later reported by a source previously employed by Sony that the real motive lies in the form of cash and greed.

“The new version of Minecraft is out on Nintendo Switch! Play with friends on Xbox One, Windows 10, or Mobile. Explore community creations with the in-game store. Includes the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack!”

What do you think about the subject? Should Sony join the crossplay culture?

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