MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR Physical Edition Will Come With 10 Discs!

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It has been announced the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator will be getting a physical release in Europe. While that is insane enough, to start with, the number of discs that it will come with takes it to another level, 10 discs, 10 whole discs! Each disk will be dual-layered containing up to 8.5 gigs of data. even with ~80 gigs of data on the discs, anyone that buys the physical release will still need to download a part of the game. Still, this is excellent for anyone with data caps where this would eat away a good piece of their monthly data. The physical edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator will sell for €129.99 and come with a premium guidebook with its silly disc count. if you want to check it out for yourself you can do so here!


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