Microsoft Revealed The Denim Xbox Series X Controller

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Denim Xbox Series X Controller

In a recent tweet from Xbox Canada, the company has unveiled the very unique denim-clad Xbox Series X controller.

It looks like Microsoft has ground the Xbox Series X controller with a pair of jeans, the controller will come with pockets and even some belt loops. According to the tweet, Microsoft is calling the new controller “Canadian Tuxedo.”

But if you want to buy one, sadly you’re out of luck. The tweet says that this will be a one-of-a-kind controller so Microsoft made it just for fun, and it’s not something that they plan on selling, so it is a prototype. I think there isn’t a huge market for this controller, so good decision Microsoft.

Even so, we wouldn’t be shocked if this design were to inspire third-party makers on other platforms like Etsy to come up with the idea and they make it and then sell it to fans. If you are good with a sewing machine and applying the material to a controller then I think it is not that hard to make one yourself. It is a very unique and kind of cute controller which will work well with a rugged gaming setup. It is probably very comfortable to use as well If you use good quality jeans, Just don’t use the machine for the washing.


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