Microsoft Reveals Revamped Xbox Live Rewards Program

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As Microsoft prepares for the launch of the Xbox One on November 22nd, they are slowly phasing out, and phasing in, new features and services. The end goal of these transitions will be to introduce gamers to easier and friendlier services that they will enjoy taking advantage of during the Xbox One’s lifecycle.

One of the major shifts for Microsoft heading into the launch of the Xbox One is the dissolution of the Microsoft Points currency, which has now been converted into a real money system. Additionally, Microsoft has revamped their Xbox Rewards program, and has outlined the changes coming to the program.

The most obvious change for Xbox Rewards going forward is that instead of earning points, gamers will be earning credits. Everything from renewing an Xbox Live Gold membership to purchasing a map pack will earn a gamer credits – anywhere from 250 all the way up to 5,000.

After a gamer earns 5,000 credits they can turn those credits into local currency for spending at the Microsoft store on new games, Avatar items, or DLC. Presumably, since Microsoft mentions the Microsoft store and not just the Xbox Live Marketplace, those credits would be good for other items as well, but there has been no confirmation with regards to that just yet.

For a quick overview of the Xbox Live Rewards program check out this shiny new infographic:

Microsoft Reveals Revamped Xbox Live Rewards Program

The infographic also mentions Microsoft’s My Achievements program, which rewards players for ranking in certain GamerScore tiers. Players with a GamerScore above a certain mark can receive up to 3% back on all their Xbox Live Store purchases. In the grand scheme of things it’s not a lot, but every little bit counts.

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