Microsoft Shows How Much Chrome Consume Your Laptop’s Battery

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Microsoft Shows How Much Chrome Consume Your Laptop's Battery

Microsoft has released a video testing the Microsoft Edge browser next to Google’s Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. All in the name of knowing how much browsers eat up your precious battery of the laptop.

To understand the impact, we compared today’s leading browsers across three independent dimensions. First, we measured their power consumption in a controlled lab environment. Second, we examined the real-world energy telemetry from millions of Windows 10 devices. Finally, we recorded time-lapse videos of each browser performing the same tasks until the battery dies. Microsoft Edge wins out in every case, which translates to longer battery life for you.

Microsoft is clearly attempting to win people over to Edge, but the company’s new browser still lacks some features that you’d find in Chrome and Firefox. Browser extensions aren’t available in Edge just yet, but they will launch alongside the Anniversary Update to Windows 10 this summer. Microsoft is also promising even more power-saving enhancements with the Anniversary Update to Edge, thanks to fewer CPU cycles, less memory consumption, and controls on background activity and Flash ads.

Microsoft Edge is the winner by a mile, with Opera in second place, then followed by Firefox and Finally Google’s Chrome. Check out the video below and think about Chrome when you are using it on your laptop.


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