Microsoft Windows 10 New Design Leaked

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Microsoft Windows 10 New Design

Microsoft is currently creating a new look for its current Windows 10 operating system, New update will come with a new interface and the update will be released during 2017. The leaked details reveal that Microsoft will be using more animations and visual blurring elements.

Microsoft Windows 10 New Design

Project NEON will heavily focus on animations, simplicity, and consistency – essentially bringing back Windows 7’s Aero Glass and mixing it up with animations like the ones from the Windows Phone 8/7 era.

Microsoft is introducing a new component called “Acrylic” to the Windows 10 design, which is essentially blur in the background, sidebar or the navigation of the app. These are known as “Side-Nav Acrylic”, “Background Acrylic” and “In-App Acrylic” respectively – in the screenshot below we get to see the Side-Nav Acrylic:


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