Microsoft Xbox Games Store Coming to the iPhone

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Microsoft Xbox Games Store

Recent reports suggest that Microsoft is planning to bring its Xbox Games Store to the iPhone and iPad, potentially as early as 2024. This development is contingent on regulators approving Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, which has come under scrutiny in recent months. However, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer expressed confidence that the deal would go through, as Microsoft has agreed to offer games to other platforms in addition to Xbox.

Spencer said that Microsoft wants to be able to offer Xbox content across any screen where someone would want to play, including mobile devices. Currently, Microsoft’s ability to do this on mobile devices is limited, but they are working towards building a world where these devices are opened up to Xbox content. This move is seen as a strategic move by Microsoft to expand its reach in the gaming industry and to increase its share of the mobile gaming market.

Apple is also facing regulatory scrutiny and is rumored to be considering allowing alternative app stores on the iPhone to comply with the Digital Markets Acts, which come into force in March 2024. This could potentially pave the way for Microsoft’s Xbox Games Store to be available on Apple devices. Currently, some Microsoft games are available on the iPhone and iPad through cloud gaming, but the new app store would make it easier for users to access Xbox content directly on their devices.

As of now, details about the launch of Xbox Games Store on Apple devices are still unknown, but the gaming community is eagerly awaiting further updates. If this development goes ahead, it would be a significant step forward for both Microsoft and Apple, and could potentially reshape the mobile gaming industry.

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