Microsoft’s Xbox Series S Price Revealed, $299

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 Xbox One S

Microsoft has revealed and officially announced its second next-gen console: the little brother and cheaper Xbox Series S.

The big brother next-gen machines from both Microsoft (Xbox Series X) and Sony (PlayStation 5) are planned to sell later this year for at least $499, this small console is priced at $299. Which is quite cheap for a next-gen console.

If physical backwards compatibility isn’t a problem for you and you’re not the type to trade-in your discs at game shops, then the Series S will be very attractive. It’s the awesome Gamepass machine. And it’s $200 cheaper than what we’re thinking from the Series X.

 Xbox One S

It is $200 less, so we’d expect some more severe compromises from the console in terms of specs than just the loss of a disc drive. It was thought that the performance bridge between the Series X and Series S would be around the same as the Xbox One and Xbox One X.

About the looks, The huge black “speaker” grill for the ventilation is the first thing to attract your eye, but it’s not as exciting as you might think since it’s actually a sequence of a design drift we saw with the Xbox One S. A defining visual mark that supports it stand out.


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