Middle East Games Con

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Middle East Games Con

The world of gaming is vastly growing in popularity, something that was previously limited to a core group of fans is now becoming a very attractive alternative for people around the world. Places like the Middle East are showing a significant percentage in their growth of gamers whether it is mobile games, online games, or computer games. All of these new players who are looking to expand their local community involvement and their networking with similar gamers will find a wonderful opportunity when they head to the Middle East Games Convention. While this convention has taken place for a handful of years, the upcoming event will offer a much wider range of entertainment opportunities. 


Middle East Games Festival Con

The upcoming Middle East game convention for 2021 offers an opportunity for players and fans from around the world to finally come together after years of postponement. This latest convention is an opportunity to enjoy networking within the local community, meet favorite players and engage in some of the newest games. Some of the highlights from previous years include ultimate challenges which are sure to reappear at the upcoming 2021 edition. These challenges are where professional players come together to compete with one another in games you already love. The cosplay judgment is an opportunity to watch different cosplayers get judged on their outfits and see which one will walk away from the winner. In addition to this, there are opportunities to meet with software vendors, attend workshops, take pictures with your favorite players, test virtual reality headsets, and not yet released games.



The biggest attraction is of course the games. The games released at this convention every year include a handful of unreleased games and some of the top games in the industry. Companies get in touch with their gamers directly and offer access and exclusive experiences with hands-on demos and showcases. In upcoming years they might even consider having casino games. This year the games include:

  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • PUBG
  • Doom Eternal

These games have the benefit of offering both a competitive setting as well as deeply compelling narratives that unfold and appeal to gamers in the Middle East. While Cyberpunk 2077 did hit a few potholes, it still came on top as one of the best games of the year.

PUBG has been continuously improving its offer to create new and rewarding experiences while boosting the capacity of its servers to introduce a much more compelling experience. Not least, the Doom Eternal franchise has had its sway with gamers from the world over.

Famous Players

Gaming conventions are growing in their popularity in direct response to the growing number of players as well as the more impressive doubling of fans. More and more people than ever before are directly involved in supporting different gamers, different competitive gaming teams, as well as competitive Esport teams from around the world. More people are actively involved in watching competitions virtually, from their homes as well as in person. For this reason and many more, the most modern iteration of this Middle East Convention will feature many popular gamers from around the world as they compete against one another and stand around for a fun meet and greet with their fans. 

There will be a wide collection of famous players as well as cosplayers, voice actors, and YouTubers. Every year International guests show up to meet their fans and you can get up close and personal with an autograph opportunity or a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity while you watch your favorite players go face-to-face during the entertainment stage or judge your favorite cosplay players during the cosplay competition. Pro players include:

  • Sébastien “CEB” Debs
  • Otterpanda
  • Julia “Bish” Robson

Notably, Jules Bish is one of the most successful women streamers who is also a professional gamer on merit alone. She is currently exploring CS:GO and VALORANT as her new competitive calling. Otterpanda is a phenomenal gamer too, and she is currently the top-ranking Overwatch player in the United Arab Emirates, better than any male gamer in the country.

Overall the Middle East Games Convention offers an opportunity for Middle Eastern countries to really involve themselves in the fast-growing world of games. With the rise of fans who are not only playing games but watching games in a competitive environment, these types of conventions are here to stay. Fans are looking for any opportunity to get involved and not only learn about the newest games to be released but meet some of their favorite competitors. To that end, there are many festivals in the area for gamers, not just this one. Places like Dubai host the Insomnia Gaming Festival, a wonderful opportunity for entertainment and gaming value after you have attended the Middle East Game Convention. Be sure to schedule events like these on your calendar and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take pictures with your favorite players, meet with software developers, and test new games.

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