Miilo Is a New Kids Bike That Grows Up With Your Child

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Miilo bicycle

Swiss designer comes in with a solution that is feasible and economical. The idea is known as Miilo and it is basically a wood and aluminum bike that ‘grows’ as your child does because it is adjustable. This means that you won’t be spending on new bikes for your child as he/she grows up over time. This also means that the child will have an inanimate object that grows along with the child.

Miilo bicycle

The bike is suitable for a child that is over two years old and can be used by the child until they are 7 years old. By making use of a balance system, the Miilo makes use of the training wheels for teaching children how to learn to ride a bike.

Miilo bicycle

The size can be varied via a simple trick that involves the wooden frame. The idea is to disassemble the frame and then flip it. Thus, designer Andreas Bhend has found a ingenious way for saving some money and given something more than just a bike to your child’s memories.


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