Minecraft Earth Augment Reality Game Hits The UK Market

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Minecraft Earth

If you are living in the United Kingdom and waiting for the arrival of the Minecraft Earth augmented reality game then you should be happy to know it is now available as an Early Access as announced back in September 2019 at the Minecon Earth conference.

Minecraft Earth gives players an augmented reality sandbox mobile game which is developed by Mojang, the game is based on the hugely popular original Minecraft game. Watch the trailer below to know more about the Minecraft Earth application available for both iOS and Android devices.

“Similar to the original, Minecraft Earth is centered around building structures, gathering resources, crafting and exploration. Players could build augmented reality structures in collaboration with other players, gather resources through tapping on “tappables” in the in-game map, and access “Adventures” which may be a puzzle or a specific task, or a virtual location with hostile entities to defeat.”

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