Minecraft HoloLens This is What it Looks Like

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Minecraft HoloLens

At E3 today, Microsoft gave us a brief glimpse at the experience. The demo started out with ordinary Minecraft windows pinned to a physical wall — just like they did last time with Skype and the Video app.

Minecraft HoloLens

You can take a chunk of your Minecraft world, plunk it down right on your coffee table, and watch the blocks rise right out of its surface. You can walk around and peer at it from any angle you like and pan around the landscape using gestures. Want to zoom in? No need to reach for the scroll wheel — just say “closer” or “closeup.”

Minecraft HoloLens

Want to follow a friend who’s playing on your server, well now you can do that too. The HoloLens wearer can pull off a helpful little trick: raising up the world to see what’s underneath other players. You can then mark the spot with a beacon to guide them to, say, a cache of iron, a stronghold, or anything else you spot hiding under the surface.


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