Minecraft Is Coming To PSVR

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Minecraft PSVR

As Sony launches a week of announcements for future PSVR game, the first great reveal is that Minecraft is coming to the console goggles.

First importantly, it’s free to all if you already own Minecraft. The VR version will be coming as a patch to the game later this month, although they’ve yet to confirm a date.

The second thing and probably very importantly, it’s the same game, but now with more peripheral vision and heightened nausea.

Mojang say Minecraft VR can be played in two modes, Immersive and Living Room. And they didn’t explain the difference. They do however said, “I guarantee you will jump out of your skin at some point.” Which is going to lead to one hell of a security warning on release.

The Sony Space Glasses™ version is actually based on the same VR tech that lets Minecraft be played in surround vision on PC, having been enhanced, updated, and folded by SkyBox Labs and Mojang for the consoles.


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