Minecraft Modder Created Bloodborne Brick By Brick

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Cathedral Ward is a location that anyone with even a passing interest in Bloodborne is undoubtedly familiar with. Its towering spires pierce the dark sky, and its gothic stone masonry overlooks the cemetery below. Twisted trees bereft of leaves extend their branches, which seem to grip the sharp edges of the architecture. Countless statues, palms raised towards the heavens, appear as if pleading for mercy from whatever gods might still exist in this world.

This iconic setting, however, doesn’t exist in Bloodborne at all. Instead, it was meticulously crafted block-by-block in Minecraft by the talented creator known as Potomy. Inspired by a desire to explore Yharnam’s sweeping vistas in a way not allowed in the original game, Potomy decided to recreate Bloodborne’s world within the virtual confines of Minecraft.

The result of Potomy’s effort is nothing short of breathtaking. His faithful recreation of Yharnam in Minecraft stands as one of the most impressive creations in the open-world sandbox genre. Over the course of a year, Potomy, alongside a dedicated team of nine skilled individuals, including animators, modelers, programmers, and a composer, painstakingly brought the virtual city to life.

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Potomy credits Lance McDonald’s Bloodborne camera mod as an initial source of inspiration. The mod allows players to freely explore Yharnam and its surroundings, which fueled the desire to recreate the entire city in Minecraft. With the help of his team, Potomy established a Patreon to fund the ambitious project and gather support from the community.

As with any large-scale endeavor, the journey has been both exciting and challenging. Minecraft’s limitations, such as a block size restriction of 3×3, necessitated building structures piece-by-piece, akin to assembling Lego blocks. Yet, this limitation also ignited creativity and excitement among the team members.

One of the most significant challenges has been creating authentic creature models. To improve their realism, Potomy plans to add a greater number of animations per model, making the creatures’ actions more random and lifelike. This will also enhance the difficulty of combat encounters, providing players with a more immersive experience in first and third person mode.

Minecraft Modder Bloodborne

The project’s success and continuation depend on the support of the community. Potomy emphasizes that once completed, everything they’ve created, including maps and mods, will be made available for free. Currently, they are working on adding familiar Bloodborne characters, like Church Giants, Pthumerian slaves, Vicar Amelia, and Father Gascoine, to the Minecraft rendition of Yharnam.

Looking beyond Yharnam’s city limits, Potomy envisions bringing Bloodborne’s Chalice Dungeons to life within their block-built world. The team’s ambition extends to recreate Byrgenwerth and Yahar’gul as well. The stunning beauty of the project so far fills fans with anticipation for the journey ahead.

So, for those who long to return to the dark and haunting world of Bloodborne, the Minecraft rendition of Yharnam provides a unique and enticing way to stroll through the twisted streets and encounter its dreadful inhabitants. As long as the community continues to support the endeavor, Potomy and his team are committed to fulfilling their vision and offering their impressive creation for all to experience and enjoy.

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