Minecraft Player Mines the Whole Map

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Minecraft has gone down as one of the most prosperous releases in all of gaming. Its appeal largely comes from the fact that it transcends ages, allows players to unleash their imaginations, is relaxing, and is also a video game that can run on low-end PCs, making it readily available for even more fans. The fact that there is so much to do and see is what keeps people coming back for more, and there are some ongoing projects out there that are simply eye-watering.

Take YouTuber Minthical as an example. As spotted by PCGamesN, this Minecraft player recently streamed themselves playing the game, showing off the current progress on an insane task they’ve set themselves. Basically, over the last five years, they’ve been hollowing out the game’s world, taking the whole thing down to bedrock level. The latest video shows that they’ve almost completed mining the equivalent of one single map, as can be seen in the bottom-left corner of their uploaded stream. They hope to have finished all of this digging by September.

The total number of blocks that need to be mined is estimated at 47 million, and last December, Minthical had mined about 38 million blocks in Minecraft. It should be reiterated at this point that the player is not looking to hollow out the entire world, just the amount that a single map covers. However, that’s still a hugely impressive feat, and the fact that it’s taken them five years so far shows just how much of a Goliath task this is. As if that weren’t enough, Minthical says that once they’ve completed the Overworld, they’ll go through the Nether and the End dimensions as well.

Minecraft is one of the biggest games around in terms of map size, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s taking this YouTuber so long to mine just one map’s worth of blocks. Measuring tens of millions of blocks, with each block equating to a real-world cubic meter, there have been estimates that the game is anywhere between five and eight times larger than Earth.

Given this, it’s no wonder Minecraft is a game in which players can lose track of time. It has near-infinite replay value, with fans coming up with intriguing projects all the time. Some would argue that what Minthical is doing is nothing short of insanity. However, it shows the sheer dedication that many fans have, as well as putting into perspective just how huge Minecraft‘s world actually is.

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