Minecraft Pocket Edition Will Be Updated Soon With More Goodies

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Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft developer Mojang has confirmed that the Minecraft Pocket Edition will be getting an update soon and will more goodies for the game. The biggest addition here will be player skins. Player skins have been available for a while for Minecraft on PC and consoles, so it’s about time they are adding player skins to the Pocket Edition.

At first Mojang is going to provide a few skins for free and it will sell others through in-app purchases. A pack of 20 skins will cost you about $1. That’s a great deal

Players will also be able to upload skins directly to their character over the web, even skins that they have created themselves. They’ll do this using the Minecraft Skin Studio. This update also brings a handful of other improvements like multiple language support, new animals, the ability to fish because why not, the ability to throw stuff from boats like eggs and snowballs, as well as boats that have space for two and much more. It seems jam packed with new stuff.

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