Minipresso – Tiniest Espresso Maker Ever!

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Minipresso - Tiniest Espresso Maker Ever!

Shaped like a small travel bottle, it measures just 6.95 inches long and weighs a mere 0.8 pounds, making it absolutely hassle-free to cram in a corner of a backpack.  Whether you’re camping by the lake, spending an afternoon at the beach, or driving cross-country on a car because you thought from watching movies it was a fun idea (lol, it’s not), this is probably the most portable way for any espresso fiends to get their fix.

Minipresso - Tiniest Espresso Maker Ever!

Designed to work with Caffitaly capsules, the Minipresso features a filter on one end where you place the coffee.  In case you don’t want to use packaged coffee, you can opt for the included adapter, which you simply fill with grinds of your choosing.   From there, you simply top up the built-in 2.35-oz. reservoir with hot water and begin manually pumping the semi-automatic piston, which pops out from the side after you unlock it, to build up extraction pressure.  You will need to pump 18 times to make an espresso, 13 times to make a ristretto, and 28 times to make a double espresso.  Similar to vacuum flasks, it comes with a cover at end, which also doubles as a cup for your freshly-brewed drink.

Now available for preorder with an early 2015 ship date, the Minipresso is priced at $39.

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