MLS Challenges To Attempt on Football Manager 2023

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Football Manager 2023

Football Manager 2023 has now officially released on all available platforms and fans of the series will be ready to jump into their first save on the management simulation game. But for seasoned players, tougher and more unique challenges will be desired, here we will look into some of the toughest challenges to attempt in the game.


Win the Club World Cup with an MLS team

The Major League Soccer is a fast-growing league and some would even argue it can compete with some of Europe’s top leagues right now, but there is one way to prove that, to beat some of Europe’s top teams and become world champions.

In order to make this happen, you would first have to qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League and perhaps you undertake the challenge with Ohio’s own Colombus Crew.

The Crew won the MLS Cup as recently as 2020 so qualification for the continental tournament should not be a huge task, you can visit the website to find the best promo codes for betting on the MLS next season where Colombus will possibly be serious competitors again as they seek their third MLS triumph.

After reaching the Concacaf Champions League the next task would be to win the competition, which would be just the second time ever for an MLS team after Seattle Sounders put an end to Mexico’s dominant run in the tournament this year.

Upon becoming North American champions, playing the rest of the world’s best teams in the FIFA Club World Cup would present the biggest challenge of all. Held every four years now, your challenge would be to qualify and then use the four-year period to develop a top squad to have a serious chance against European opposition.

It is a ridiculously tough challenge as you attempt to bridge the gap in quality with the top European teams while also having to cope with much lesser revenue streams than European outfits.


Take a tiny US team to the top with a promotion/relegation database

FM 2023 already comes with a huge database of leagues, teams, and players, but fans of the series are always creating extended databases that either ensure more accuracy to real life or present completely fresh scenarios.

Each year shortly after release on one of Football Manager’s main sites such as FMScout or SortItOutSi, they release a database update that allows the American football system to operate in a European style in which the MLS is no longer a closed league.

Teams can go from the bottom to the top and giants of the MLS can experience serious downfalls but could you take minnows all the way up to winning the MLS Cup and perhaps even achieve continental success?

Many arguments have been made in the past for the MLS to adopt a more European structure which could increase its growth and competitiveness, you could try it out in the game and see how it pans out and see if you can disturb the giants of the MLS who were previously secure in knowing they could not lose their place in the league.

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