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Goods exchange, for many gamers, is part of the hobby. Unfortunately, each branch of players has to rely on different methods to do so as no single page would bring all of them together, forcing fellow geeks to post their goods on shady websites or search for a trading card for their collection in a maze of forums and subforums. This Kickstarter project hopes to put an end to this division by creating a single global and free marketplace for every kind of player out there.

Developed by Polish group, MMOAUCTIONS is a brand new Kickstarter project of a gamer exchange website. Plans for the site emerged in early 2016, and since then it has been changed more than once to finally, after a couple, come up with a final concept. After creating a proof-of-concept beta version of the website and creating a promo video their Kickstarter campaign has begun.

“Creating an online marketplace for virtual goods has quite a few risks involved not only when it comes to launching the site but also long-term sustainability and maintenance. As short-term goals might are well within our reach, the test of time might prove to be our greatest challenge.”

~Szymon Co-founder

Security is crucial to such services success, that is why the team at has created a six-step verification process including mobile phone codes, and payment method verification. Their built-in filters will block VPN, TOR, Proxy users to ensure that deals are made between real people with real identities. There will be no need for external communication services like Skype as will provide its users with a built-in live chat.

To expand the, already tight, security even further, Poles have designed a massive database of scammers that will be publicly available. The system dubbed as Scamkiller gathers data from various forums, websites, Facebook groups, and Discord channels and combines this information into a vast, ever-expanding, a registry of online fraudsters.

But security is not what is all about. MMO Team did an amazing job in making navigation on their site as intuitive as possible. Modern, minimalist design with no excess and flashiness is very lightweight and visually appealing. The purposeful layout of the website is very efficient making every action possible with just few-clicks reach so you will not find yourself lost in a maze of endless categories and sub-forums. A fully functional mobile app is a nice touch that separates from their competitors, making your purchases and trades available to you wherever you go.

Fast and easy offer adding is what really caught our attention. The entire process takes around 60 seconds and is very intuitive. Managing your deals is also easy with mass mailing, one-click relisting and notifications.

When it comes to the Kickstarter campaign itself, it’s laid out pretty well with lots of useful information. Pledges, apart from giving supporters premium account time and free listing promotion, will grant backers uniquely design profile pages depending on the pledge level. Not only an excellent touch for those that want to stand out from the crowd but also a nice opportunity for online shops that wish to maintain their branding on a new website.

If you’re a gamer looking for a safe place to buy, sell and trade various goods then you should put this project on your radar as it will change the face of online trade between players very soon!

Click here to head to Kickstarter to make your pledge.

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