MMORPG TERA Is Coming On Xbox One And PlayStation 4 In 2018

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If you own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One then you be happy to know that free-to-play TERA, the multiplayer online role-playing game is soon to be released. Bluehole Studio released a new trailer which you can watch below.

TERA was originally launched on PC systems throughout Korea during January 2011 and rolled out further afield worldwide during 2012. The MMORPG is now preparing to launch on consoles later this year bringing its player versus player RPG action to new gaming consoles.

Players have the chance to choose from 13 different classes each with their own unique attributes and abilities and TERA has been designed to blends “True Action Combat” with a huge game world and intense social interactions of a role-playing game, says Bluehole. Combat challenges that players time their attacks both aiming and dodging, providing rewarding and deep tactical combat experiences during its gameplay. TERA is totally free to play, from character creation all the way to level 65 and beyond, so we are going to play this game for sure and report back to you.

Bluehole has also created a currency called Chronoscrolls, after working closely with CCP Games and controlling the launch of their PLEX currency throughout the Eve Online game, to stop gold farmers. The Chronoscrolls currency works in a related way to PEX and allows game time to be acquired with real money and sold for in-game gold. Only users who have bought the game either digitally or physically have admittance to the Chronoscrolls currency. Those that use the Discovery Edition of TERA cannot use Chronoscrolls and need to upgrade to the full game, check out the link for more.


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