Mobile Games to Explore this Summer

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When good weather arrives we tend to cast our technology aside and seek out more outdoor activities, and yet there are so many ways our summers can be enhanced by our smartphones. Even though there are plenty of applications to choose from, the amount of games out now and to be released before the end of summer are proving quite tempting, with some assured to be a lot more groundbreaking and unique than others. Whichever of them you select, you’re guaranteed to be thoroughly entertained.



There are plenty of titles around that are packed full of action, and will get your heart pounding throughout the summer months, and arguably beyond; Assassin’s Creed Identity is one of these games. Part of the lucrative franchise, this activity is on a smaller but no less detailed storyline in which you can create your own character. Explore the perils of the Italian Renaissance and complete missions until you meet the climatic end. In the instalments that have gone before, particularly on consoles, you have been unable to place such a personal mark on your assassin. What is more, with so many eras being skimmed over in the main episodes of the series, these mini games allow you to experience them all instead of missing out.



The summer is also a good a time as any to discover all the traditional games that have prevailed through the years. Although many of these games, such as the blackjack, can be downloaded onto your devices, more online blackjack games can be found here, at Betway. Even if you’re not one for the casino classics, there are other options to try out when you pay a visit to brands such as those mentioned. This titles are excellent for good weather as well as bad because it is a social hub in which friends can come together and amuse themselves. It doesn’t need to be the series profession and pastime so many have it down as.



Brainteasers on paper or on a screen can prove most entertaining, especially when they are reimagined in new and dynamic ways, which is exactly what the eighth episode of Cube Escapedelivers to its players. Set in an early 1970s establishment, the player needs to navigate and find all clues to continue on, and while the game is puzzling, there is no definite conclusion that answers the numerous questions that get thrown up throughout the game. It is weird and enigmatic, and will throw you into the deep end if you’ve never played any of the previous titles before. That being said, it will get all your cogs turning and help keep you stimulated, even when the harsh heat clings to you.


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