Mobile Games You Should Have This Year

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There are some great games to experience on your mobile and they don’t have to have Candy or Crush in the titles, yes it’s true!  Your mobile phone is able to load games that have nothing to do with flappy, angry birds, and below we are going to list just a few of them.



Available for iOS and Android DIRAC is a really atmospheric dark, atomic themed line drawing puzzle.  To play you need to destroy the coloured particles which pulse out of a central atom, connect them with lines then they disappear. You can only connect the moving particles of the same colour and if you mess up then the game insists that  you make some quick decisions. Highly addictive and great fun wihout an angry bird in sight.

Priced at $1.99

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

If you are a a fant of Fallout by Bethesda then Fallout Shelter is going to keep you coming back for more. The aim of the game is in the title, you need to build and then manage your own after the war vault which has families and workers living in it. Each time you earn money you slowly increase the size of your vault until it eventually become an underground metropolis. This addictive gameplay is brilliantly designed and keeps you returning time after time.

Available on iOS and Android Platforms

Price is Free



Built on that familiar foundation of (Candy Crush) Swapperoo is surely the most pure mobile puzzle game there is to play. Shuffle about a grid of tiles to delete matching coloured groups and it’s that simple.  Swapperoo has the three things that go to make a special game. First of all the game is minimalist with each tile only moving in one specific way when pressed and this makes it really hard at times.  Secondly advancing in the  game needs the player to master Swapperoo’s mechanics and tricks, knowing how each chain moves.  Thirdly the game is incredbily addictive and when you close your eyes, and switch the game off its quite possible you will still see Swapperoo way after as your brain has no stopped playing.

Available on IOS and coming to Android

Price is $0.99

2017 is going to be a pretty special year for Apple at it is the company’s tenth anniversary.  When you consider that only ten years ago the first generation of iPhones were introduced and how far we have come since then it is no wonder that mobile users now outstrip in numbers those that use their computers to connect with the internet.

No matter what you preference is, whether you love to play games or play at a new mobile casino you can enjoy your time online in HD anytime and anywhere you choose.

Luckily the days are gone where playing any game could result in them crashing halfway through, and where the screens were so small that you needed a microscope to see the characters.  Today playing games, watching movies, browsing and connecting with friends and family is a simple process. Facebook has even launched gaming via their messenger, the first social media to do so.

The hype has already begun surrounding Applies upcoming release and expectations run high to what we are going to be offered.

Unfortunately we are just going to have to wait and see, sift through the leaked information and make our own minds up until late 2017.


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