Mobile Gaming: A Quick Look

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Mobile phones are truly exceptional devices and some are even using them to play games for real money to earn extra cash! through all of their exceptional innovations, they have come to create a whole new kind of entertainment market  With this market came the advent of a new kind of video gaming, mobile games. The most successful mobile games almost always involve more simplistic control schemes than their console or PC cousins, but that does not in any way mean that they are inherently lesser. The aim of this article is to investigate exactly what makes a good mobile game and how they measure up to other kinds of video games.


What Makes a Good Mobile Game

When it comes to a quality gaming experience, the medium of the game rarely matters if the execution is good. That is not to say that the medium of the game has no impact on the game itself, but rather that any good game knows how to best integrate with the control schemes and graphical capabilities of the system it is designed for. For example, an online game such as the ones available at Jackpotcitycasino will always run well because it is intended to be run on a browser. Because of this, it is safe to say that what makes a good mobile game is, fundamentally the same thing that makes a good game in any other medium.

Controls. The main issue that mobile games run into comes into play with their control scheme and while there are ways to connect external controllers to your phone. This somewhat undermines the mobile purpose of the phone itself. This means that often the best mobile games are the ones that understand and embrace that the only way to make a truly enjoyable experience for a phone is to make their games operate through touch controls. This is where bullet hells and puzzle games have a distinct advantage on the mobile market, however, games like Alien: Blackout have shown that it is possible for other genres to make an extremely compelling mobile game using touch controls.

Graphics. In terms of pure power, a mobile device is never going to be able to compete with consoles and computers in a graphical setting. However, this is not necessarily going to be a problem. For a game to look good, it doesn’t necessarily have to have picture-perfect lifelike graphics, and games like Alto’s Adventure have shown that when developers understand the capabilities of a mobile device, the results can be stunning.

User Experience. This is a very broad topic, really, but what it boils down to is whether or not the game developer has fully understood how their game will translate to its final medium. Phones will, on average, not have the best processing capability, and as a result, the games made for them will likely run slower than they might on a different system. This isn’t inherently a problem, but if the game feels like its running slowly, then the experience will be ruined for the user. That is the difference; players must feel as though the game is running well, whatever system it is on.


How Do They Compare

Mobile games, much like any other kind of game, run the gambit of quality from the absolutely terrible to the truly incredible, and while, on par, they won’t look quite as pretty as a game on a more powerful system, they can still bring a truly incredible experience to their audience if designed well.

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