Mobile Gaming vs PC-Gaming, Which Is Better?

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Today, gaming is not just a way to spend your free time, it is so much more. First of all, games became a way to actually earn money, a lot of money. Secondly, games have developed so much that sometimes it is even hard to tell if you are watching a movie or playing a game. But the question of today is what is better – mobile gaming or PC-gaming? Let’s find out.

History of computer gaming

Today, computer games are loved by millions of people around the world. According to its popularity and profit, the computer games industry is not inferior to the more “untwisted” film industry. How it all began and what should be considered the first video game? The historians of computer technology still have disagreements.

So, in 1952, the English scientist A. Douglas introduced a Ph.D. thesis on the topic of human-computer interaction. As an example, he created a program playing “tic-tac-toe,” which was already a real “computer game,” where graphics, though still motionless, were displayed on the screen. In October 1958, a physicist from New York, V. Higinbotham created “Tennis for Two” which also may be considered to be the first video game ever. Unfortunately, all these and a number of similar projects have not received a wide application.

The American inventor Ralph Baer, who was born in 1922 in Germany is considered to be the author of the video games idea. In 1951 Baer came up with the idea to turn a simple TV into a mass device for entertainment, but it was not supported by the authorities. And only in 1966, when he was the head of the large department, Baer first introduced the scheme of the gaming device for two players, where they moved cursors, in the form of glowing squares on the monitor, in a vertical and horizontal direction. The square of one player was to catch the square of the second. On May 7, 1967, Baer and his subordinate Harrison demonstrated this game to the Sanders board of directors. Continuing his development, in 1969 Baer introduced an improved device that launched games such as football, volleyball, table tennis, and allowed to fire a light gun. In May 1972, the Baer device called Magnavox Odyssey appeared on sale.

History of mobile gaming

Now, what about mobile games? In 1994, Siemens introduced the world’s first GSM phone Siemens S1 MARATHON. If you enter a special code on this phone, you could start the game Tetris. In 1997, the Nokia 6110 became the first phone with a built-in Snake game, which was launched from the menu. The point of the game was to absorb black dots on the screen. The more dots the snake absorbed, the longer it became. The game immediately gained a lot of fans, and Nokia itself introduced it to almost all of their phones.

So, what is better after all?

Games have changed drastically from the times they were developed. Obviously. And yes, mobile games are very interesting, and smartphones are becoming more and more advanced, they were not designed for games in general, and the technologies are simply not there yet. There is a chance that someday mobile games will be better than PC-games, but not now. And it is not only because of the huge amount of spam and ads.

PC games win on many levels like the frame rates, graphics, and sound. So far the PC is clearly superior but mobile games have their advantages as well.

Their biggest advantage is accessibility. Let’s say you are playing in an online casino as real money. Whenever you feel like making a bet or just checking out things, you can grab your phone and do it. Even if you are at a hotel in another country. You both get to play and win some money for your vacation. Sounds amazing to me. So, no matter where you are, on a plane, bus, train, at a hotel, at work, literally anywhere, if your phone is with you – your games are with you. Besides, sometimes it is just much more comfortable. You can’t take your PC with you everywhere you go, after all.

So, to sum this up, both PC and mobiles have their pros and cons, so it is up to you to decide which way of gaming you like better.

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