Mobiles and Bingo, Who’s Playing?

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Since the explosion in the mobile market games including online casinos and bingo sites have optimized their games for the mobile users and in fact, more people are actually using their mobiles to have a bet or wager.

One surprising game that has really increased in popularity is bingo, and more surprising is that over one-third of bingo players are between the ages of 24 to 34. It seems that bingo has lost its ‘for the little old lady’ group persona, and in fact, the oldest age bracket now has the fewest amount of people included.

Women are still playing more than men with 75% of bingo players being women, and smaller towns tend to have the highest percentage of bingo players.

Almost 50% of all bingo players said that games helped them to relax as focusing on the games helped them to concentrate on only one thing, whilst another 34% of bingo players said they got a level of excitement out of playing. Others simply got a ‘buzz’ and liked the idea of being able to win some great cash prizes that were genuine.

Well, it seems that more tan 100 million online bingo players agree that the game is worth playing online even if bingo is essentially a simple game of chance.

Perhaps the answer is in that last sentence as the game can be picked up at any time for a few minutes during your lunch break or for the whole evening when you get home, bingo is flexible.

If you look at a site like Swanky Bingo you can see that bingo games are available on any portable device and that there are no downloads required. This makes playing even more enjoyable as there is no messing about with apps. Players will also be able to sign into their mobile devices using the same passwords and using the same banking methods that they use when playing on their laptops or desktop computers.

Another plus point with sites like Swanky Bingo is that the choice of games is varied as are the promotional offers and bonuses that are on offer.

There is also one other big factor to why online bingo has become so popular on mobile devices and that is the social side of the game.

Traditionally bingo has always been social, something that friend and family could do together, and the gambling industry has worked hard to keep the social feel alive and kicking at online sites.

This means that players can enjoy a game whilst keeping up with all the latest news. Bingo definitely ticks a lot of the boxes for many people that want a game of chance when and where they choose, that is easy to play, is social and where you can make new friends and have a laugh.


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