Mods And RTX 3090 Changed The Minecraft

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Minecraft is transformed from low-res, blocky Minecraft to something incredible looking all thanks to few fancy mods.

They can’t change everything about the game—it’s still all about the blocks, so the world still has that grid-based look—but pretty much everything else here is looking crisp and up to date, from the lighting to the 4K textures. The grass, shrubbery, and dawn lighting are all excellent, as are the enormous trees and their breezy leaves, but the water effects are particularly cool. Check out the video below.

The 4 mods used in this video made by hodilton are Realistic Textures, Continuum 2.1 (for lighting and shaders), Terra (which builds more realistic worlds), and Physics Mod. And if you’re thinking what kind of PC is running this, it’s more powerful than the old iPad you were playing on, it’s amazing an i9-10850K @ 5.1ghz, an Nvidia RTX 3090, and 32GB RAM.

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