Moment Lenses Add Versatility To Your iPhone Camera

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Moment Lenses Add Versatility To Your iPhone Camera

From a photographer’s standpoint, the iPhone is actually quite limited. It’s one lens that doesn’t zoom, can’t be changed, and offers a slightly-wide angle view that can feel restrictive to photographers used to changing lenses on their larger cameras. Some photogs might appreciate the limitations of the iPhone, but for those wanting more, an entire industry of accessory lenses has cropped up to fill this void.

There are two lenses available, each selling for $99.99. The 2x telephoto lens enables you to capture more intimate shots without having to use the digital zoom – great for portrait or street photography.

Moment Lenses for iphones

The 18mm equivalent wide-angle lens widens the field of view to capture more of the frame than the standard iPhone lens – ideal for wide-open landscapes.

Moment Lenses for iphones

Insisting on DSLR-level multi-element optics in the design process, Moment claims these lenses capture better images than any other lenses on the market, with no distortion or blurring around the edges. And they’ve designed an ultra-thin metal mounting plate that sticks to your iPhone or existing case.

Moment Lenses for iphones

If you decide to purchase a Moment lens, you may also be interested in their gorgeous retro-style leather carrying holster. It’s selling for $39.99 which isn’t cheap, but it definitely makes a style statement as well as keeping your lenses safe.

Moment Lenses for iphones

Now to the review from a known iPhone photographer.

Josh Kerr Review

Josh has also been using the Moment lenses and provides some photographic examples on his blog. Here’s a summary of his review:

– “To attach the lens you simply rotate it onto the plate. This works well and provides a very sturdy connection between the lens and your phone.”

– “The telephoto lens is great. The photos I took with this lens are of high quality and look pretty good.”

– “The Moment lens and mount allow you to use your iPhone in a way that feels more like a camera and provides more flexibility than the built-in lens. The quality of the photos is good too.”


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