MONSTER HUNTER RISE New Trailer Revealed New Beasts And Event

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Capcom is looking to expand further on the Monster Hunter series with some new games for Nintendo Switch. Of these two games, we got a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise, which will be released on March 26, 2021, during The Game Awards 2020. This trailer revealed some new beasts, the main location ‘Kamura Village,’ and a new event called Rampage.

Not many details made available, other than the fact that players will need to create their defenses and plan for the battle of their lifetimes, we did get to see the two new beasts as well as many old ones. One of the new beasts is known as Bishaten; a trickster with a unique tail and liking for persimmons, which it stores in his belly and hurls at its victim. The other is the Somnacanth; an intoxicating marine leviathan that can discharge sleep powder to momentarily stun enemies, leaving them open for attacks.

Fans of the series will get a chance to try out this game before its release as they also announced a free demo which is coming out in January 2021. This demo will give hunters their first chance to try out the creative set of new tools in the game, which includes the debut of the Wirebug mechanic and Palamute companion.


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