Monster Hunter World Is Now Available For Purchase!

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Capcom launched the highly anticipated Monster Hunter World game making it available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PC gamers have to wait a bit longer, the game will be released in Q3 or even possible Q4 2018. Monster Hunter World offers both single player and multiplayer modes, in the form of an online four-player cooperative mode, as always there is no local online multiplayer available.

Monster Hunter World has been designed to offer an open world environment, removing the individual zones that were used in previous editions. The game is played from a third-person perspective and follows the storyline theme set by previous games. Offering gamers the ability to take on the role of a hunter who travels to an unpopulated “New World” full of monsters, that need to be captured for the Research Commission to be studied from their central command base of Astera.

Capcom has created a living ecosystem and in it monsters react to the presence of other monsters, allowing players to exploit these new mechanics to make monsters fight each other and make them weaker before capture. When not in combat players have the ability to quick travel to the districts base camps. Offering safe areas that players can re-equip and upgrade before once again heading out into the wilderness to capture a new monster.


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