MONSTER HUNTER WORLD’S New Update Comes With Deviljho

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Monster Hunter World

Capcom released their first significant update that will be coming to the hit, Monster Hunter World. The new update will be coming to the game later this month and will be free to all players, it will come with an incredible beast, Deviljho. The update also includes some other major changes.

The huge monster Deviljho has previously come in other games in the Monster Hunter series. Fans of the game have been anxiously waiting for its announcement even before Monster Hunter World’s release. The new free update will provide players to use elements that they will be getting from the monster to craft two armor sets, Vangis α and Vangis β.

Capcom mentioned in their blog in detail that a new “entry” will be available for all 14 weapon types, which will include new designs for the Hunting Horn, Sword and Shield, Bow, Insect Glaive, and Charge Blade. That is not the update that will bring some more changes that would balance all weapon types, especially melee weapons.

Capcom is also fixing the issue regarding online grief, in which some players prevent their teammates from carving. The update will address this concern by restricting allies to interrupt the carving animation and will give players the ability to become immune to all hit reactions during carving until a quest is complete. Furthermore, the patch will also add an option to the “Select Return Destination” after completing a quest that allows players to Return to the Gathering Hub in single-player mode, or to disband from a group and return to the Gathering Hub in multiplayer mode.

Capcom will also hand out a free Character Edit Voucher on March 16 before the update is released. The voucher lets players upgrade their character’s physical form and gender. However, this will only not be available to use on your Palico. Moreover, the voucher will be a one-use item and will not let players change the names of their characters or Palicoes.

Capcom also revealed the details on Mega Man’s crossover gear in Monster Hunter World, which will be available via a quest from April 13-27, and the winner of the weapon design contest, which will be available starting April 6.

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