Monstrous Adairicus by Urbantrike

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Adairicus by Urbantrike

With a dually set of rear wheels, the Adairicus by Urbantrike offers riders the smoothest of rides while its automotive-grade rear hubs and spindles give extreme durability and capacity.

Features a removable axle like the Atticus, for the easiest possible transport and storage.

A single-speed trike, the front wheel is driven with a freewheel hub.

Hand brakes control your speed and a patented sliding seat channel provides that perfect, custom fit every time.

Comfortable vinyl bucket seat.

Dually 10-inch aluminum-alloy rear wheels.

Spin Freely – a free spin front wheel with a 20×2.25 inch tire.

Quad Roar – four 10 inch rear allow rims with 18-inch pneumatic street tires.

Laid Back and Comfy – Special molded vinyl bucket seat fits all bums to maximum comfort.

Flow Low – low profile frame glides 2 inches above the street.

Go Ape – ape hanger handlebars come standard on this monster. Plus you should have calves like hulk to drag this thing!

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