More information About The Samsung Foldable Smartphone

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Samsung Foldable Smartphone

There is a lot of speculation about Samsung foldable smartphone, the handset was apparently shown off behind closed doors at CES 2018.

Today, we have some more cool information about the handset, the device that was shown off at CES apparently featured two 3.5 inch displays that folded together to form one 7 inch display. This is the first information we have heard about the displays on the device.

There is apparently a third panel on the outside of the handset which is an information ticker. The whole device apparently was about the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 when unfolded. This sounds interesting although this may not be the device that actually launches.

Samsung has apparently not finalized the design of their foldable smartphone as yet, so it could be different by the time the handset launches. Previous rumors have suggested that the device will launch as the Samsung Galaxy X.

Samsung has originally planned to launch it before the end of 2018 but no exact date is known but some rumors have suggested that it may launch in 2019.


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