MORTAL KOMBAT 1 Trailer Breakdowns!

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Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat 1 is rapidly approaching, and it seems like the developers at NetherRealm Studios and the publisher Warner Bros Games are going all out to keep the excitement levels high. They’ve been releasing trailers left and right, as if to remind everyone that the game is just around the corner. In this breakdown, I’ll delve into the three most recent trailers, just as I’ve done for all the trailers leading up to this point.

Banished Trailer

Let’s kick things off with the Banished trailer, the oldest of the bunch. This trailer doesn’t hold back when it comes to showcasing the signature gore and brutality of Mortal Kombat. Some familiar faces make a comeback, and they’re here to remind us of the sheer viciousness this game is known for.

First up is Syzoth, better known as Reptile, the ninja with the shape-shifting abilities. He’s back in action, seamlessly transitioning between his human and reptilian forms. Interestingly, this trailer hints that Reptile might not be all bad; there’s a sense of misunderstanding surrounding his character. Ashrah, the enigmatic princess in white, also makes an appearance. While she might not be the most recognizable character, Mortal Kombat veterans will recall her debut in Mortal Kombat: Deception. Her unique fighting style and her place in the unfolding story become clearer in this trailer. And then, there’s the return of Havik, known for his chaotic and gruesome fighting style. He’s received a terrifying redesign and showcases his regeneration abilities, even resorting to self-mutilation to gain the upper hand.

Rulers of the Outworld Trailer

Moving on to the “Rulers of the Outworld” trailer, we get some significant insights into the game’s storyline and where this particular timeline stands. General Shao, formerly known as Shao Khan, is no longer the ruler of the Outworld. Instead, Sindel, the true queen, now sits on the throne, while Shao Khan attempts to control her army. Sindel is depicted as a fighter for a just cause, while Shao Khan, in true ruthless fashion, pushes for unnecessary conflict. The unexpected twist in this trailer reveals that Raiden has become the new Earth Realm champion, while General Shao takes the champion position for the Outworld. The eternal rivalry between these two characters is evident, and it seems they are destined to clash in every timeline. As always, the trailer treats us to fresh fatalities and cameo appearances. Notable returning characters in cameo roles include Motaro and Shunjinko, faces we haven’t seen in quite some time.

It’s In Our Blood Trailer

Lastly, the “It’s In Our Blood” trailer, which needs only one word to summarize it: BAUTISTA. This trailer doesn’t introduce any new characters or revelations, but it accomplishes something truly remarkable—it gets fans hyped beyond measure. Dave Bautista’s delivery of the classic Mortal Kombat voiceover monologue is nothing short of perfect. It seamlessly fits into any Mortal Kombat trailer you’ve ever seen, and it does precisely what it’s supposed to do: stoke the fires of anticipation. This was the hype trailer that nobody knew they needed.

Mortal Kombat 1 is set to launch on September 19th and will be available on various platforms, including PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. The countdown to the blood-soaked battles and bone-crushing fatalities is on!

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