MORTAL KOMBAT 11 New Skin Pack Released

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NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros released another new skin packs for Mortal Kombat 11 characters. Now that they have hyped up the Ultimate version of the game with the blockbuster faceoff fight videos, The game is very good as it is and yet we get more and more new content for it.

This time we have a Mortal Kombat movie based skin pack called the Klassic MK Movie Skin Pack. In this pack, you will get more than just clothes, but also have fun with the original talents of the three main actors the correlate to their fighter; Christopher Lambert as “Protector of Earthrealm Raiden,” Linden Ashby as “Hollywood Kombatant Johnny Cage” and Bridgette Wilson-Sampras as “Island Bound Sonya Blade.”

Mortal Kombat fans have mixed feelings about this pack, but there are no arguments when it comes to considering it as a classic movie. Doesn’t matter if you think it is great or not, everybody has watched it at least once. This new skin pack is a brilliant way to bring this game series’ past back to the players. Check out the trailer below, if you are the appropriate age that is.


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